Righetti Aluminum Pedal Extensions (set)

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The Righetti Aluminum Pedal Extension set is ideal for young drivers who struggle to reach the pedals on most racing go karts! With integrated set screws that tightly grip the stock pedal posts on both throttle and brake sides, a knurled foot face for added grip, these extensions are perfect for even the most sensitive driver. Integrated cross-gusseting within the extension strengthens the extension. 
The convex shape of the foot-facing edge of the extension refines brake and throttle feel, making these extensions a great tool for training drivers on smooth throttle application in classes such as Rotax or ROK. 
These extensions are available in black or silver, and come as pictured. 
    • Extensions sold in sets of (2).
    • These pedal extensions have an inner diameter of 14.20mm where they fit over the pedal. 

     Ideal For: Pedal extension fits all karts