Righetti 50mm Axle Bearings

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  • Righetti Ridolfi 50mm Rear Axle Bearings by IKP.
    • These bearings are initially manufactured for Righetti Ridolfi karts and axles, but will work for many karting applications.
    • Each bearing is complete, with (2) drilled and tapped set screw hole locations for maximum grip on axle.
  • Depending on your bearing cassette application, the outer diameter of the overall bearing assembly may vary.
    • Because of this, these bearings are available in different Edge Distance (ED) configurations: 80mm, 90mm.
    • Also, select from different bearing grades: Standard, or RHP (performance)
      • A standard bearing will wear slightly faster, and may be lower quality than the RHP. The standard bearing is great for cost-effective karting applications, like rental karts or track day karts that will be abused heavily.
      • The RHP bearing, while pricier, will have a longer service life, and less rolling resistance. This bearing is intended for performance applications.

Each bearing comes complete, with set screws for clamping to axle included.

Ideal For: 50mm axle application, with 80mm and 90mm edge diameter edge diameter is maximum diameter of bearing assembly