Righetti 25mm Aluminum Spindle Spacers

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  • Aluminum 25mm Spindle Spacers by Righetti Ridolfi, IKP.
    • Ideal for setting front track width and spacing wheel or hub laterally on spindle. This adjustment can change steering feel, front grip, or steering sensitivity.
    • Each spacer is milled from billett aluminum, and hardened with a strong shoulder to prevent hub or wheel slip or damage.
  • These spacers are ideal for 26mm Diameter spindles.
    • The inner diameter (ID) of these spacers is 25mm. They are designed to fit spindles with a 25mm outer diameter (OD).
    • Most (but not all) Full-Size chassis utilize a 25mm spindle.
    • If you are unsure if your kart utilizes a 25mm spindle, please measure the diameter of the spindle surface (once the hub and spacers are removed) to determine this.
  • Available in a multiple spacer widths:
    • 5mm
    • 10mm
  • Available in multiple colors:
    • Black
    • Gold
    • Silver "Titanium"
  • Each spacer is sold individually, with no additional mounting hardware.

Ideal For: 25mm spindle adjust front track width