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Aluminum Sprocket Guards for Kart Sprockets by REV. These sprocket guards are ideal for protecting your rear sprocket from the track or curbs. Available in two pieces and in several different diameters, the REV sprocket guards are light weight, strong, and will fit directly to your kart!


The sprocket guard features a 6-point spoke design and bolt pattern to fit standard European kart sprocket carriers. The REV guard comes in a set of (2) pieces for a side. A total of (4) pieces are required to cover a whole sprocket. So, to reiterate- for a complete SET you need to order (2) of whatever size sprocket guard you need! 

The guards are made from 6061-T6 hardened aluminum. This is a similar alloy that many kart sprockets are made of, so it is durable!

Sizing your sprocket guard is important - you don't need a super big sprocket guard if you don't have a big sprocket. Here's a basic guideline for you for #219 sprockets:

  • 64-80t sprockets: 21cm (most customers will be in this range whether #219 or #35)
  • 81-85t sprockets: 22cm (will also work well for #35 sprockets)
  • 86t + : 23cm (great for Kid Kart sprockets!)

Note - the 21cm sprocket guard can be ordered CUT to fit 4-stroke drive trains more easily.

REV has informed us that Nylon sprocket guards are coming. Reach out to us if you would like Nylon guards from REV!

Installation of The Guards

Currently, the REV sprocket guards do not come with 'stand offs' to provide clearance between the guards and the sprocket during install. REV recommends the use of an M6 nut on each bolt as a 'spacer' between the sprocket and the guard to provide clearance on the side of the guard closer to the sprocket.