REV Engine Mount Clamp Set

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Engine Mount Clamp set by REV Performance. These motor mount clamps are ideal for all go kart engine mounts by REV, among others!


Manufactured from aluminum and anodized for style, these clamps are designed to 'recess' against the frame rail of most racing go karts. A milled hole in the middle with some play in it allows for various frame rail spacing (see below), and some room for the bolt to line up with the motor mount.

The engine mount clamps sold here are specifically designed to fit with REV Performance motor mounts. However, this does not mean that they cannot work with other mounts, as the bolt sizing and frame-rail spacing will also work.

Note on Sizing

These engine mount clamps are 30 x 92mm in spacing, and will fit "I-30" frame rail spacing karts. REV may offer additional motor mount clamps in the future, but for other frame rail spacings we suggest the Odenthal motor mount clamps as a great option.