REV Chassis Protection Guards

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Steel Chassis Protection Guards by REV Performance. This guard set is made of high-grade steel, fits underneath the frame rails of the kart, and can be tied directly into the main floortray hardware bolts on the chassis.


REV's chassis guard set is produced with a variety of chassis in mind. Made of 316 stainless steel, this guard set is extremely strong. This strength also allows the overall thickness of the guards to be very thin, which maximizes chassis to ground clearance vs thicker counterparts.

One other great feature of the guards is the adjustable slotted bolt hole for the guards, which allows these to fit difference chassis widths and flange patterns. On certain karts, this can be very helpful, where other brands may not always fit your chassis' bolt pattern or spacing.

The REV guard kit comes as a kit of 3 guards. (2) pieces fit on the waist areas of the frame, while one fits on the front.