REV 4T 14 Degree Sliding Engine Mount

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4-Cycle Engine Mount for Racing Karts by REV Performance. The 4T sliding mount features a 14-degree angle of inclination, perfect for all Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Clone type engines. The 4T is designed to fit your kart and be a durable and easy-to-use product!


With accurate CNC machining, REV's 4T motor mounts are designed to fit your racing chassis and motor to perfection, to minimize lateral torsion or slip on the engine during operation of the kart.

With integrated cooling areas inside the top plate of the motor mount, the 4T engine mount is also designed to keep your engine running cooler for longer. This limits engine power loss due to decreasing the rise in engine temperature during a race.

What Comes with this Motor Mount?

Every motor mount comes with slightly different components. In the case of REV's 4T mount, the top plate, mounting studs, hardware, and the base plate all come together as a kit shown here. Clamps must be ordered separately, to the appropriate clamp size for your kart! See below for sizing your clamps.

Finding the Right Motor Mount for Your Chassis

Finding the right motor mount and clamp configuration for your chassis can be daunting. Fortunately, we are here to make it easier for you! Odenthal's motor mounts come with several clamp and base-plate options, which means that the ultimate fit for your chassis is perfect, every time. However, a little measurement is necessary to ensure things fit this way!

Consider the following example: To find the right motor mount for your chassis, examine the area of your kart chassis that is used for fixation of your motor mount and engine. For most karts, this is on the driver's right, near the rear axle, and can be found by looking for a portion of the frame that features two parallel tubes.

The dimensions of your motor mount is directly related to both the spacing between your motor mount frame rails, and the outer diameter of the chassis tubing itself:

  • "K" type spacing means that center-center between these tubes is 90.0mm. This is more common on many CRG-derived chassis.
  • "I" type spacing means that center-center between these tubes is 92.0mm. This is a more common spacing on European karts, but be sure to double check your chassis!

To determine which frame rail spacing your kart has, take two measurements:

  • Measure the outer-outer distance of the frame rails. That is to say, from the outer edge of one frame rail, to the outer edge of the other frame rail. Typically, this will be a measurement between 118mm and 124mm.
  • Measure the outer diameter of either frame rail. Most commonly, karts utilize 28.0, 30.0, or 32.0mm frame rail tubes.

Now, subtract your frame rail diameter from the outer-outer measurement, and you have your frame rail spacing! Remember, this should be a value of 90.0mm or 92.0mm.

Note on Measuring: For best results, Point Karting recommends using a set of digital calipers, with a range of motion of at least 130.0mm.