REV #428 Kart Sprockets

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#428 Aluminum Kart Sprockets by Rev Performance. Manufactured to exacting tolerances and lightened for optimal performance, each #428 sprocket is built to last for your shifter kart application! each sprocket is milled from 7075-T6 aluminum. 

Note the dual cinch bolts incorporated into the sprocket, along with the milled keyway and set screw with nut to tighten the sprocket in place to prevent lateral slippage.

'Each sprocket fits around the axle in separate halves, which are then screwed together with the included M8 Allen Bolts (Requires 6mm Allen key). An additional set screw cinch bolt (with 3mm Allen) helps support each sprocket, and prevent lateral slip during operation of the kart.

  • Available in tooth counts from 21- 27 teeth. Each is intended for a #428 pitch chain.

Each sprocket is sold separately.

NOTE: This item is currently a special order item - Point Karting will order this component for you from REV Performance, which should minimally delay shipment.