Reinforced DR Kart 50mm Axles

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  • DR Kart reinforced 50mm (OD) axles. Fits DR Kart and CRG chassis well, but will also work well for many additional chassis!
  • These axles are specifically designed to be optimal for shifter kart racing applications!
    • Axles are milled with key spacing for both 80 and 125cc shifter kart racers.
    • Each axle has a special reinforcement sleeve around the axle sprocket key area, to prevent premature wear or tearing of the axle due to the horsepower and strain a shifter kart engine can put down not only on the track, but on your drive train.
  • **Axle keyways are not included with the axle.**
    • Each reinforced axle utilizes (2) hub keyways (P/N D.AFS.00246), which is a 2-peg keyway.
    • For the sprocket and brake hub, DR Kart and Point Karting strongly recommend utilizing a 3-peg keyway (P/N D.AFS.00247).
  • Available in 7 stiffness rates (see the DR axle chart to select the best option for you).
    • DR 1+ is the softest axle, and DR 7+ (no longer available) is the hardest. Therefore, DR 6+ is the hardest axle currently available.