Ratio Rite Fluid Mixer

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Ratio Rite fluid mixer - the perfect tool for mixing fuels, oils, and other fluids for your racing go kart or performance engine! This is a MUST HAVE tool for every kart racer in your pit area!

Point Karting has the Ratio Rite tool in both fully-capped configuration as well as just the Ratio Rite itself. Keep fluids under control in the unit with a cap, or roll risky without the cap. 
Made from durable polyethylene plastic, this semi-opaque measuring device features graduated markings for a variety of measuring options. Need to measure fluid ounces (fl oz)? Done! Need CC's? Yep, it does that too. Measure all sorts of graduated measurements, including:
  • Fluid Oz.
  • CC's
  • Pints

If you have a kart, you need this tool! Period. 

You will find this device or something similar in almost every karter's pit area or toolbox. 

Each Ratio Rite is available solo, or with a cap. 


  • The Ratio Rite oil mixing tool is a MUST HAVE item for every karter! 
  • Each Ratio Rite has graduated markings in several formats (fluid oz., pints, cc's, etc.) along the tapered side to accurately measure fluids for mixing.
  • Excellent for measuring racing oils, gearbox oils, or fluids to mix fuels, wash parts, etc. 
  • You will find one of these in almost every karter's toolbox. 
  • Available as Ratio Rite and cap, cap only, or Ratio Rite only.