Steering Shaft (M8 x 510mm)

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Steering Shaft for racing go karts, sized with M8 thread to fit into steering shaft supports, length 510mm. Chrome-finished and straight and true, this steering shaft is perfect for many full-size racing go karts.

With adjustable steering rate / ackerman settings, 'double-sheer' tie rod supports, and a pre-drilled steering hub on the shaft in place, this steering shaft is ready to install onto your kart with little fuss.

Each steering shaft comes complete as pictured, ready to install onto your kart!


This steering shaft fits many full-size racing go karts, and is a very common replacement component if you have bent a steering shaft. Two of the most important measurements to consider when replacing your steering shaft are the overall length of the shaft, and the threaded end size of the shaft - typically these are either M8 or M10 in size.

The KP100B features an overall length of 510mm. The threaded stub at the end, which inserts into the steering shaft uniball (found in the steering shaft support on the chassis) is M8 in size.

This shaft has one (1) pre-drilled hole for your steering hub. If the height of this isn't perfect, remember you can always drill your own hole upward or downward on the shaft.

Steering shaft
M8 threaded stub | 510mm length

Technical Schematic

Each steering shaft is sold separately.