Premium Throttle Cable

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Premium Throttle Cable for Racing Go Karts by REV Performance. This throttle cable is stronger than a standard cable, and provides additional assurance against breakage for racers.


Sold individually, REV's premium throttle cable is made using 'Swedish rope" material, a hardened steel cable that is inter-twined additional turns and with larger volume than a standard throttle cable.

A standard cable is made from 7 strands of steel, while this cable is made with 20 strands.

This cable is 1.2mm in diameter along the cable length, and 2000mm in length. Usually you will want to cut this down, or put the remaining excess in the front nerf bar tube to adjust the length as necessary.

The diameter of the barrel end head is 3 x 3mm

Note: Despite the photo, each throttle cable is sold individually!