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Graphics kits for racing go karts by Point Karting. These are (in our humble opinion) the ultimate graphics kit option for your kart! Made from thick, high-quality laminates, these kits are available in a variety of bodywork formats to fit various bodywork sets.


These graphics kits are designed with your bodywork in mind. With a gloss black base, and chrome-ized accents in the Point Karting colors, these graphics stand out among a crowd for their simple format, and low-key yet refined look.

Available bodywork kits include:

  • KG FP7 & Duo-Evo bodywork kit, standard on the VLR Emerald Kart (pre 2020)
  • KG 506 - Standard Bodywork on 2020+ VLR Emerald and many other karts!
  • KG MK 20 kit, standard on the VLR Sapphire and most 2020 + cadet chassis
  • KG MK 14 kit, standard on the DR Mini 18 and many cadet karts
  • KG NA3 kit, standard on full-size DR Karts, CKR, and many CRG-derived chassis.
  • OTK M7 /M8 kit, standard on all OTK (Tonykart, Exprit, etc)
  • KG 506 w/NA3 Side Pods, standard on all full-size CKR Chassis

Each graphics kit is custom printed on demand, and other bodywork templates are available upon request!