Plastic Sprocket Guard

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Plastic Sprocket Guard for Racing Karts, primarily for 4-Stroke engines like Briggs 206 or Honda Clone. Sprocket Guard is made of 2 large pieces and hardware, and protects the sprocket and chain from edge of track, debris, and prevents thrown chains and sad racers!

Once mounted, outer diameter of the guard is 9" (230mm)

Each sprocket guard component is black in color, and mounts to a standard 6-point sprocket hub. Integrated stanchions molded into the plastic on the inner edge helps to create space between guard and sprocket and chain, so that no internal rubbing or interference occurs.

Unlike their aluminum counterpart, plastic guards tend to bend and return to their original shape, or scrape off a portion of the guard to prevent thrown chains, which can happen with the aluminum version if the bend is into the chain.

Each sprocket guard is sold separately, with (2) guard components. No additional mounting hardware comes with this guard.