Plastic Foot Rest (Floortray Mount)

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Plastic foot rest and heel support for racing go karts, floor-tray mounted by Righetti Ridolfi. This foot rest is ideal for drivers that need additional heel support for brake or throttle pedals for their racing go kart. Each foot rest mounts directly to the floor tray / floor pan of your kart chassis, making installation super easy! 
Made from molded plastic with integrated mounting points, each of these heel supports is an easy-to-use support system for your kart! For shorter drivers that have a long way to reach the pedals, these are not necessarily the ideal option. However, if you require just a little more support to both promote heel rotation and limit foot movement, these foot supports are just the trick! 
In particular, many younger drivers have a habit of slanting their feet in the kart, leading to poor braking or throttle habits. This heel container is a great way to force these drivers to adjust their posture in the kart, and compel them to rotate their feet at the heels, rather than moving their entire leg, or rotating at the ankle at an awkward position. 
Each foot rest is sold individually, and has integrated mounting points to fix directly to the floor tray of any kart. This makes these foot rests ideal for those that don't want to necessarily spend the extra coin on a fancy heel stop, or worry that their particular kart may not accept a factory-made piece from another kart without significant modification. 
Available Colors
The plastic foot rests noted here are available in several colors to fit your kart the best:
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black

Note: Each foot rest is sold individually, with no additional mounting hardware provided. For most mounting applications, using (2) M5 or M6 button-head screws with associated washers and bolts is the best way to secure these to the floor tray. Point Karting has also seen customers use glue adhesive or velcro as another mounting option, but doesn't necessarily recommend this as the primary option for affixing these to a kart.

Ideal For: Foot stop/heel rest fits all karts