PKT Ultra-Short Rear Wheel Hub

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Ultra-Short Rear Wheel Hub for Racing Go Karts by PKT. Available to fit several axle diameters including 1 1/4", 30mm, and 25mm. Made from aluminum and anodized in black, this super light-weight hub is perfect for reducing rotating weight and grip in your kart chassis!

The "Ultra-Short" rear wheel hub by PKT is the most narrow-width rear hub found in karting. At just 30mm wide, this hub is a very common sight on front-running Kid Karts and common as well in cadet kart applications. In particular, if you run a low-horsepower go kart this hub is just the ticket to free up an over-stuck chassis.

Each hub is CNC machined from aerospace-grade aluminum billet, and anodized for added durability and style. Each hub also comes with milled keyway paths for 6mm axle keyways. (3) 4100 alloy heat-treated wheel studs are also pre-installed.

Note: The bolt pattern on these hubs is 3/58, a metric bolt pattern. If you require "American" style wheel hubs, this may not be the hub set for you.

    • Available in multiple Inner Diameter (ID) configurations for different axle applications:
      • 25mm (ID): This hub is designed to fit most Kid Kart axles, which are commonly 25mm in diameter. Each hub is 30.0mm wide.
      • 30mm (ID): This hub is designed to fit (nearly) all cadet kart axles, which are almost always 30mm in diameter, as well as select Kid Kart axles.
      • 1 1/4" (ID): While a rare application, this hub is designed to fit some "standard" go kart axles for American-made axles with a 1 1/4" diameter. Note: These hubs are likely to go out of production very soon. Please check with us for current availability!
    • Hubs are sold individually, with included wheel studs and tightening bolt. (2) hubs are required to make use of these hubs on any kart.

    Ideal For: Kid kart, cadet kart applications.
    Available in 25mm, 30mm, and 1 1/4" inner diameter