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  • Safety Cables by PKT.
    • Reinforced cable with clamps designed to be used with brake safety systems, retaining bumpers, or other safety areas on karts.
  • Thick, braided steel cables designed for specific applications. 
    • Safety Cable for OTK Brakes: Ideal for the brake cable system and area for OTK (Tony Kart, Fernando Alonso (FA), Exprit, and Kosmic) karts. Comes with cable (with ball end), and anodized-black dual-grip cable clamp. The ball-end design on these fits well within the master cylinder area where the OEM cable attaches. Brake safety cables are a mandatory item for most major kart racing sanctioning organizations. 
    • Safety Cable for Brakes: The standard safety cable by PKT, this cable is steel braided for durability, and adjustable in length with the included cable clamps (2). Brake safety cables are a mandatory item for most major kart racing sanctioning organizations.
    • Safety Cable for Bumpers: Have you ever had a bumper or bumper support come loose? Not anymore! These reinforced and adjustable cables loop through the steel uprights for rear bumpers, and also through the bearing cassette support on the kart frame. Together, these attachment points prevents the bumper loosening during normal operation or after a rough bump or strike by another kart. Sold in(one for each bumper support upright). 

Ideal For: OTK Brake Systems (Tony Kart, FA, Expirt, Kosmic)
Ideal For: Rear Bumper Safety (Universal)
Ideal For: Karting Brake Systems (Universal)

    Each safety cable is sold individually. Each kart typically requires (2) cables to secure a rear bumper.