PKT OTK Sniper Adapter Kit

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Sniper Caster Camber Kit for OTK Tonykart front end systems. Ideal for those who love the Sniper-style front end system but have an OTK kart such as a TonyKart, Exprit, EOS, RedSpeed, LN Kart, or Kosmic.


These adapter kits are designed to utilize the OEM Sniper SA-1 caster / camber system base plate and adjuster components, but fit them to the bolt pattern present on the OTK spindle yolks. 

The top pieces are from the OEM kit by Sniper, these components include the top adjuster foot, base plate, and adjustment grub screws for the base plate and for camber adjustments. The adapted components manufactured by PKT are made of high-grade stainless steel, 

Additionally, PKT has developed their own king pin bushing semi-spheres, which minimize play in the steering system between 'loaded' and 'un-loaded' state of the front spindle and wheel system. Over time, PKT has also updated their vertical ride height spacers to continually refine small areas of play and remove them from the system, which ensures longer service life for these kits, and more accurate caster / camber settings. 

What Comes in the Kit?

The PKT Sniper caster / camber kits are available in several configurations:

  • Complete Kit - this kit includes everything you need for the front end of the kart! From the king pins, to the vertical spindle spacers, and Sniper top plate, base plate, and adjuster hardware, all is included. 
  • OTK Sniper Kit Only - This kit is best for those that already have the Sniper SA-1 system components on hand. All is present aside from the base plate, top adjuster plate, and grub screws. 
  • Sniper Alignment Components Only - This kit option removes most components from the kit, and just focuses on the Sniper components - meaning the base plate, top plate, and adjuster grub screws. 
  • King Pins - Each king pin (M10 in size), sold separately. 

Additionally, PKT has come out with some component updates for pre-2015 kits:

  • Swivel Ball Upgrade Kit (Semi-Sphere Bushings Only) 
  • PKT heavy-duty vertical spindle spacer Upgrade

Each kit is sold as pictured. As shown above, additional kit options or components are available as necessary.