PKT 30mm Lightweight Rear Wheel Hubs

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Lightweight rear wheel hubs for 30mm go kart axles. These hubs are a fantastic addition to any cadet racing go kart or 30mm-axle-equipped Kid Karts.
Ultra Light-weight and thin in overall width, these hubs are especially great for low-horsepower racing karts where reduced rear chassis grip is essential to going fast! 

Each lightweight 30mm rear wheel hub by PKT is precision milled to perform. Anodized in black with a laser-etched PKT logo, the light weight wheel hubs have a metric bolt pattern to fit most go kart rims or wheels. 
Each hub comes with milled keyway grooves to fit 6mm keyways, which is fairly common on cadet karts. However, if you have an 8mm keyway'ed axle, these hubs will not fit. 
Selecting Your Hub Width
PKT's lightweight rear wheel hubs are available in several widths. By adjusting the width of the hub, the handling and performance characteristics of the hub, primarily in respect to how much grip the hub translates to the supported wheel and tire:
      • 30mm x 50mm: This hub width is considered to be standard for most cadet kart applications and track conditions. Weighing just 8oz, the lightweight design of PKT's rear hub provides maximum performance without a lot of rotating weight. 
      • 30mm x 70mm: Slightly wider than most standard rear hubs found on cadet chassis, the 70mm hub will provide drivers with more rear grip in most on-track applications, and can be useful for low-grip race tracks, rain racing, or a hard-axle application. Despite being wider than their 50mm counterparts, PKT managed to engineer them to only clock in at 9oz! That's some serious weight savings. 

    Hubs include pre-installed wheel studs (M8), set at the common European OEM bolt pattern of 3/58. Therefore, PKT lightweight wheel hubs will fit most standard European bolt pattern kart rims / wheels. 

    Each hub is sold individually. (2) hubs are required to use on any kart.