PKT Kid Kart Brake Rotor

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  • Lightweight Kid Kart Brake Rotor by PKT.
    • Finally, PKT provides the solution to heavy or over-built rear brake rotors! For low and medium-horsepower applications, every ounce of rotating weight counts! These rotors clock in at just 9.00 ounces, which is featherweight compared to most kart brake rotors.
    • Available in lightweight and 'ultra' lightweight configurations, these rotors are designed to mate with PKT's line of brake rotor hubs, which fit 25, 30mm, and 1 1/4" axle applications.
  • Dimensions: 160mm rotor diameter x 3.00mm rotor width (2.3mm for ultra light weight version).
  • Available in light weight or 'ultra' lightweight configurations.
  • Each rotor is sold individually, with no additional mounting hardware.