PKT Seat Extender Kit

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Seat Extension Kit for racing go kart seats by PKT. Have a smaller driver that needs the seat moved forward for a racing kart? We have you covered! The PKT seat extension kit is perfect for smaller drivers transitioning to Cadet or Full-size karts that may need a little help reaching the pedals.

Milled by PKT, these seat extender kits allow for mounting a seat higher or further forward for smaller drivers, whose ideal seat position places them outside of areas where stock seat support uprights can reach the seat adequately.

Each bracket is milled from billet aluminum, and bridges the gap between 'factory' seat uprights and the seat where position best.

The brackets are milled to accommodate up to (3) seat bolts, to mount to the main seat support as well as the seat itself.

Each bracket is anodized in black for durability and finish. The PKT logo is outlined in neat white to add a little flair to the piece as well.

The seat brackets are sold as a set of (2) brackets, with hardware associated.