PKT Conical Finishing Washers

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  • Conical Finishing Washers by PKT.
    • Used commonly on mounting front fairings, floortrays, seats components, and many bolts on rear axle bearing cassettes. 
    • Together with a conical/tapered flat allen bolt, this creates a low-profile, effective mounting option. 
  • Black, anodized finish for durability. 
  • Available in multiple sizes:
    • 6mm x 20mm washer: These washers are more commonly used for mounting floor trays, front nassau panel bodywork, and steering assembly components. The inner diameter of the washer is 6mm. The overall diameter of the washer is 20mm. 
    • 8mm x 22mm washer: These washers are most commonly used for M6 bolts used in front steering assembly, rear axle bearing cassette support, and on occassion floortray assembly. The inner hole diameter is 8mm ID. The overall diameter of the washer is 22mm.