PKT Jet Holders and Kits for Go Karts

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Carburetor Jet Kits and Carburetor Jet Kits for 2-cycle racing engines such as the Rotax Max Evo, ROK GP, Mini ROK, and Comer C50/51. Each jet holder can come with or without a full set of jets, and is the perfect accessory to have in your toolbox or in the trailer! The holders are a MUST to prevent small, easy-to-lose jets from mysteriously wandering away over a race season!

A perfect accessory for this jet kit is the PKT Lanyard! 


PKT's jet kits are designed to keep you prepared for any weather condition for your racing engine. Getting the most performance out of your 2-cycle engines requires having the right main jet for any ambient temperature or barometric pressure. 

Each carburetor jet holder features pre-drilled and tapped holes to insert an assortment of jets into, with anodized marks denoting the appropriate place for each jet. PKT makes two jet holders - one for Rotax Max Evo / Rotax Pre-Evo, and one for jets meant for the Vortex Mini ROK or Comer C50/C51 jets. 

Note: The Rotax jet holder will also acommodate jets for the Vortex ROK Shifter, ROK GP, and Junior ROK engines, as the jets for the ROK line of engines is the same thread size and pitch as those utilized in the Rotax line of engines. In similar fashion, the Vortex Mini ROK jets are the same size and thread as a Comer C50/C51 jet. 

PKT finishes each holder in anodized black.

    • Choose a holder from one of the following models: 
      • Comer C50/51 Jets: threaded holes for (2) jets of each size commonly used in Kid Kart competition, as well as some "Outlaw" jet areas. Laser engraved jet numbers allow for easy organization of jets. Available as holder only, or with #54 - #58 Jets. 
      • Mini Rok Jets: Contains threaded holes for all Mini Rok carburetor jets, as well as 3 additional spaces for spare jets. Each jet location is marked with an engraved label, and the holder has an integrated lanyard attachment point for tuners. Available as holder only, or with jets #85-105 as a kit. 
      • Rotax Jets (Pre-Evo): Contains threaded holes for jets used in Pre-Evo Rotax carburetors. This carburetor holder is available without markings, with spare jet area included. It is also available with each jet location marked with engraved numbers, and an area for spare jets. Each holder is sold as the holder only, or as a kit of all jets #115-#210. 
      • Rotax Jets (Evo): The newest jet holder model in PKT's arsenal, the Rotax Evo jet holder comes with marked locations for all Rotax Evo jets available, as well as some areas for spare jets as backup. Available as a holder only, or with a full kit of jets #100-#180. 
    • Choose the correct jet holder and kit for your application!