PKT Carbon Fiber Pedal Adapter Kits--Billet Pedals

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  • Carbon Fiber Pedal Risers and Foot Rest Kits by PKT.
    • Have a small driver who can't reach the standard pedal locations? No worries! PKT is here to help. 
    • These PKT Carbon Fiber pedal riser kits are the highest quality on the market, and allow drivers of all heights and builds to reach the throttle and brake pedal in comfort and safety. 
    • With a 2" rise, these pedal and foot rest kits help clear the driver's legs of steering tie rods, even if the end of the risers has to overhang this area a little bit! 
  • Lightweight yet rigid design ensures minimal flex in pedal assembly.
  • Knurled grips on milled pedals provides outstanding pedal grip and feel.
  • Multiple rod and cable mounting locations allow for infinite adjustment for even the most particular driver, and as a driver's feet grow. 
  • Fore and aft pedal travel adjusters with locking nut prevents mis-adjustment or change in pedal feel over time. 
  • Available in different sizes, depending on the size of the driver:
    • Sized for Kid Kart racers
    • Sized for Junior 1 and Adult racers. 
  • Sold as complete set, with (2) pedal assemblies and risers, as pictured, or as foot riser assemblies only, for use with existing pedals. 

Ideal For: Kid kart
Ideal For: Junior, adults
Ideal For: OEM brake and throttle pedals fit your existing pedals
to PKT's riser kits!
Ideal For: PKT billett pedals