PKT Brake Relocation Kit for Pedal Adjuster Systems

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This Brake Relocation Kit can be used with most Pedal Adjuster Systems on Go Karts.
    • The brake relocation kit by PKT is a must to use in combination with PKT's pedal riser system, and indeed with other OEM pedal systems.
    • A universal kit, this brake rod can be bent or cut to suit your kart's needs, with included fuel line covering exposed rod threads for a clean and safe final product once bent and cut.
  • Kit comes complete, with:
    • (1) 13.5" threaded brake rod
    • (2) M6 adjuster / jam nuts
    • (1) long brake clevis attachment
    • (1) 12" length of fuel line (for covering the brake rod once bent and cut).
  • Each brake rod kit is sold individually, and includes a single brake rod with accessories as listed above included.