PKT Axle Collars

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  • Axle Collars by PKT.
    • Help to prevent lateral slip of rear axles in all karts.
  • Each collar is notched for clearance over axle keyways.
  • Black anodized finish for durability and long service life.
  • Integrated raised shoulder to mate solidly against axle bearing face.
  • Choose from the following collar sizes (Inner Diameter) to suit your application:
    • 25mm: For (most) Kid Kart axles.
    • 30mm: For Cadet kart applications, and a handful of Kid Karts that use the larger 30mm axle.
    • 30mm w/6mm Lip: For Cadet kart applications, ideal for axles or uses in Compkart, Birel, TonyKart axles where braking force and keyway area can extend almost to touch the face of the bearing.
    • 40mm: For 40mm axle applications, many American-made chassis such as Margay models, some 4-stroke specific karts.
    • 50mm: For 50mm axle applications, most 'full-size' karts utilize 50mm axles.
    • 50mm (wide): Ideal for the brake side (left-rear) area of karts, assuming there is clearance (which is more rare). This collar may not be for most 50mm applications.
  • Each collar is sold individually, and includes clamping bolts and washers, but no additional hardware.