PKT Angled Steering Hubs and Shims

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Angled steering hubs for go karts by PKT. Aluminum construction and milled to a variety of steering wheel bolt patterns - for standard steering wheels, OTK style karts, and also steering hub shims!


Steering wheel hubs are one of the most crucial components on a kart - they connect the steering wheel to the shaft. For many drivers, angling the steering wheel relative to the shaft can help with steering leverage and improved driver comfort. 

Each of these steering wheel hubs is inclined to a 10 degree angle. Due to the variety of bolt patterns found on kart steering wheels, these hubs come in multiple bolt pattern styles. For most karts, the 'standard' steering wheel hub is the best choice, with the 3-point mounting pattern being ideal. However, for OTK-type karts (Tonykart, Kosmic, Exprit, etc) a separate bolt pattern is used, and this hub is also available.

Lastly, for some racers an angle steering wheel shim might be a better choice. In this case, the shim presented here has bolt patterns for both standard and OTK style steering wheels. 


The standard angled steering hub utilizes a 3-hole bolt pattern, with 2 height adjustment bolts. For many steering shafts, both mount holes can be used to mate the hub to the steering shaft. Each hub is angled at 10 degrees, and anodized black for style and durability. In between the mount holes the hub is milled down to save additional weight, and for added area between the bolt holes to make getting to each fastener easier, which on some steering hubs can be difficult. 

On the OTK-style hub, the hub is also angled at 10 degrees, and features 6 mounting holes pre-drilled to mate with all types of Tonykart, Kosmic, Exprit, and FA karts. The hub also has 2 pre-drilled mounting holes to mate to the steering shaft. Each hub is anodized gold for style and durability. 

Lastly, the angled steering wheel shim is a lower-profile solution for both types of steering wheels. The angle is also 10 degrees, and the anodizing is black. The bolt pattern accommodates both OTK and standard style steering wheels. 

Each steering wheel hub and shim is sold separately.