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  • 50mm axles by PKT.
    • Commonly seen as OEM replacement axles, PKT's Chromoly/Mild Steel axle range for 50mm karting applications really deserve to stand alone as their own legitimate contender in the axle market. From substituting as well if not better for your OEM OTK axle, to giving you the performance where another axle might not, PKT has you covered for 50mm axle uses.
    • Mild steel axles are denoted by the D line.
  • All axles are cut for 2 and 4-cycle keyway and drive usages, as well as shifter kart usage.
  • Various Wall thicknesses are available for the 50mm axle lineup:
    • 1.6mm width: This is the thinnest-wall axle PKT makes, period. Use this axle if you are truly looking for the softest, most pliable axle out there. Often this axle would be excellent for low-grip tracks where the rear needs additional bite.
    • 1.9mm width: A step up from the 1.6mm axle, the 1.9mm axle is still considered rather soft. For Tony Kart racers out there, this would be roughly the equivalent of a "Q" axle. This axle might be a solid option for 4-stroke engine racers with a 50mm axle kart, looking for a little more grip at the local or regional level.
    • 2.0mm width: Tried and true, the 2.0 mm wall thickness is still fairly thin, but considered a 'medium' hardness axle by 50mm standards. For most axle lines by OEM manufacturers, this axle would be considered a 'medium.' If you're here to find a replacement axle, and aren't familiar with too many axle options other than what was in your kart, this might be the one to go with to start with.
    • 2.5mm width: The thickest wall option of the PKT 50mm axle range, the 2.5mm axle is a 'hard' axle in terms of stiffness. For karts struggling with too much rear grip, this axle might be the ticket. Most OEM brands would place this axle near the 'hard' to 'xtra-hard' area of their range.