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40mm Kart Axles by PKT. Designed with the racer in mind, these axles are tough, durable, and ready to handle what you throw at them. Available in various widths and thicknesses, the PKT axles are meant to give you the edge on track!
40mm axles are more rare in karting overall, but are commonly used in 4-stroke-specific go karts, and some "1010" or full-size chassis such as the VLR Emerald, or Tonykart Nordix. All axles are a mixture of chromoly and mild steel, a proprietary blend by PKT for exceptional elastic consistency and performance.
    • Axles are available in multiple widths:
    • 1000mm width: This axle width is less common for karting applications, but may be a good fit for American-made, narrow-track width karts such as the Ionic Edge or Margay. It is also a popular option for some "1010" chassis such as the TonyKart Nordix, CRG Hero 1010, etc. A 1000mm axle will also help the kart rotate from early corner entry to the middle, but may sacrifice some cornering grip in the rear of the kart as a side effect. Available in 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.2mm wall thickness.
    • 1040mm width: This axle width is the most common for 40mm axles, and likely is the right choice for your kart. Many karting organizations require a maximum track-width specification for karts, and this axle will meet those requirements while still providing top performance. Available in 2.0mm and 2.5mm wall thickness.
  • Axles are available in multiple wall thicknesses:
    • 2.0mm wall: This is as thin as axles come from PKT. Regardless of axle width, use of this axle is ideal if you desire a soft, pliable axle. Categories where this is commonly used include 4-cycle karts (Junior LO206 categories), and Low-Grip tracks with modern kart chassis (post 2010).
    • 2.5mm wall: This is a step up from the 2.1mm wall thickness in axle stiffness. For many karts, this would be considered equivalent to a medium-hardness axle. Karts requiring slightly less rear grip, aka tracks that have slightly more rubber on them, may find this axle to be the ticket.
    • 3.2mm wall: The 3.2mm wall thickness, noted as the D32, is beginning to be on the outer range of standard axles for most karting applications. Most OEM brands would deem this to be a 'hard' axle rate. With significantly more rigidity to the axle than a D21 or D25, this axle may be good for regional or national level racers, or for a new karter that is a bit...challenging on equipment. The extra thickness may prevent future bends to the axle.