PKT 30mm Axles (Cadet)

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30mm Axles by PKT for cadet kart applications. These PKT axles are extremely popular at local, regional and national karting applications. Axles shown here have various overall widths, but all will fit inside a standard 30mm (ID) axle bearing, which is common on almost all cadet karts and applications. 

    • All axles are keyed to fit 4-stroke sprocket carrier applications, which utilize an inboard-drive setup. 
    • Axles are available in several overall widths:
      • 940 width: This axle is highly uncommmon for local or regional racers, and is a special order axle width for high-grip, national-level applications. For most karters, consider a 1000mm width axle. Available in 2.0mm wall thickness (D20) only. 
      • 950mm width: This axle is highly uncommmon for local or regional racers, and is a special order axle width for high-grip, national-level applications. For most karters, consider a 1000mm width axle. Available in 2.0mm wall thickness (D20) only. 
      • 960mm width: This axle is uncommon for the local club or regional racer to use in cadet classes, but seen in use at national events. Key spacing fits 2 and 4-cycle applications. With a slightly shorter overall width, this axle works well for high-grip, national-level karting applications, due to the shorter leverage arm between the axle bearing and the hub/rim/tire. Available in 2.0mm wall thickness (D20) only. 
      • 970mm width: This axle is typically only for Kid Kart applications where a 30mm (as opposed to the normal 25mm width) is used. However, this can serve as an intermediate step between the 960mm width and 1000mm width axles in high-grip applications. For a local or regional racer, this might be the first axle to try when 1000mm options have been exhausted. Available in 2.1mm wall thickness (D21) only.
      • 1000mm width: Alright, now we are talking about axles for the majority of you cadet racers out there! The 1000mm width is legal for most karting applications, including Rotax USA Mini Max regulations. Available in 2.1mm (D21), 2.5mm (D25), 3.0mm (D30), 3.9mm (D39), and 5.4mm (D54) wall thickness.
    • Axles are available in several wall thicknesses:
      • 2.1mm wall: This is as thin as cadet axles come from PKT. Regardless of axle width, use of this axle is ideal if you desire a soft, pliable axle. Categories where this is commonly used include 4-cycle karts (Junior LO206 categories), and Low-Grip tracks with modern kart chassis (post 2010). 
      • 2.5mm wall: This is a step up from the 2.1mm wall thickness in axle stiffness. For many karts, this would be considered equivalent to a medium-hardness axle. Karts requiring slightly less rear grip, aka tracks that have slightly more rubber on them, may find this axle to be the ticket. 
      • 3.0mm wall: The 3.0 wall thickness, noted as the D30, is beginning to be on the outer range of standard axles for most karting applications. Most OEM brands would deem this to be a 'hard' axle rate. With significantly more rigidity to the axle than a D21 or D25, this axle may be good for regional or national level racers, or for a new karter that is a bit...challenging on equipment. The extra thickness may prevent future bends to the axle. 
      • 3.9mm wall: Ok, now we are getting serious. The 3.9mm wall is noticeably thicker than other axle options, and will as a result be a very stiff axle. For really rubbered-up race tracks, this may be the solution. Point Karting doesn't recommend this for the average karter at a local race, due to the fact that most karts will find this axle to take away too much rear grip to be comfortable to drive quickly. 
      • 5.4mm wall: Considering this axle...maybe time to call us to chat about axle options and tuning options! This axle is in very limited supply, and specialized for applications. If you have a very tall driver for the cadet categories or are facing very, very grippy conditions, this axle is the ultimate ticket. We have had customers utilize this axle with solid success at the national level for heavier / taller drivers on 'rubbered up' tracks, so it is an option! But, for most racers, consider reaching out to us prior to going with this axle. 
    • **Note: If you are one of the very few special people that uses a Benik or Nitro Kart with a left-hand engine setup, you may need to call us before ordering a PKT axle. **