PKT 25mm Axles (Kid Kart)

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  • 25mm Axles ideal for Kid Karts by PKT.
  • Hollow axle design is light weight, coming in at just over 3.0 lbs.
    • This axle is often 5.0 lbs lighter than solid steel alternatives on the market! Save some rotation weight. 
    • 970mm axle width allows for maximum track width while still using narrow Kid Kart hubs and wheels. 
  • Available in multiple wall-thickness sizes: 2.1mm or 3.0 mm
    • A thicker wall will make an axle more stiff, which typically creates more rear grip / traction in a kid kart application. Conversely, a thinner wall will be more flexible, generating less rear grip / traction in corners.
  • **Point Karting recommends the 3.0mm wall thickness for new Kid Kart racers, as this creates slightly more rear grip. While it is true that the increase in wall thickness creates slightly more rotating weight, and therefore slightly less speed on straights, the difference is marginal, and the benefit of having a stronger axle more averse to bending (and needing replacement) outweighs such a small change.**