PKT 17mm Lightweight Front Hubs

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Lightweight aluminum 17mm Front Wheel Hubs by PKT. Each hub is milled to perfection for ultimate run-out and lightweight performance! Want to reduce weight on your kart? You need these hubs for your chassis! These hubs fit a variety of racing karts that utilize 17mm spindles. 

Each hub is sold separately. Most karts require (2) hubs. 


Each lightweight hub by PKT is designed to fit 17mm front spindles. Whether a Kid Kart, Cadet / Mini, or full-size kart, these hubs are the perfect choice for your kart!

PKT has put a lot of thought and engineering into each of these hubs. A proprietary internal design provides added rigidity and strength to each hub while maintaining a low overall weight of the component. Reinforced M8 Steel wheel studs are integrated into the hub from PKT, so you're ready to bolt the hub on your kart and roll! The hub bolt pattern on these hubs is 3/58, the standard European bolt pattern. 

"17mm" denotes the Inner Diameter (mm) of the hub bearings, and is a measurement used to determine what size steering spindle / stub axle a hub will fit. 17mm spindles (and therefore hubs) are found on most Kid Kart, Cadet Karts, and full-size chassis.

Available Widths

PKT's lightweight 17mm hubs are available in either 50mm or 75mm width. Read below to consider which width option might be right for you:

    • 17mm x 50mm: This hub width is more common on Kid Karts, and some cadet karts, but rarely on full-size chassis. Utilization of this hub width minimizes grip or front-end traction on most kart chassis, and can be a unique tuning option for many racers. 
    • 17mm x 75mm: This hub width is far more common for Cadet or full-size kart chassis. With a wider hub width, the 'bite' the front of the kart chassi will have using this hub is more pronounced. 

Each hub is sold individually, as pictured. (2) Hubs are required for use on any kart. 

Frequently Asked Questions on This Product

  • Internal Support Bushings on these Hubs: These hubs do not have an internal support bushing between the (2) bearings within the hub. In our experience at the track, this has not been a performance or durability issue. However, some customers have inquired on this technical question, so we list it here. 

Ideal For: 17mm spindle applications
Fits kid kart, (most) cadet karts, (many) full-size chassis
PKT 17mm lightweight front hubs 75mm width