Piston Stop Tool for Go Karts

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Kart engine piston stop tool by Precision Karting Technologies. Ideal for Comer C50 and K80 kart engines, but will fit many more kart engines such as the Briggs 206 or IAME KA 100 that also feature a 14mm threaded spark plug port.


This piston stop threads into the spark plug opening, and holds piston in place during engine services such as clutch or flywheel removal, and can be a useful tool to set timing or various parameters on the engine without the piston or powertrain mechanism revolving.

In particular, this stop is a great tool to have in your toolbox if you are going to set valve lash on 4-cycle engines regularly, or need to routinely remove the clutch or flywheel components from an engine, such as a high-powered Rotax engine, or IAME kart engine. These engines utilize needle bearings in the clutch, and keeping these lubricated following routine inspection is crucial to proper engine performance!

What Comes with The Piston Stop?

Each piston stop is sold separately, with no additional hardware. The stop is a fully-threaded, self-contained unit, so no additional components are necessary to use the stop. For most spark plugs that will fit in a 14mm port, removal or installation can be accomplished using a 5/8" or 13/16" deep socket. Some auto parts stores or mechanics will also have 'spark plug sockets' specifically designed for removal of plugs. For the use of this stop, the top of the piston stop is hexagonal shaped, so one could use an adjustable wrench to tighten the stop down into the spark plug port, although we do not encourage such actions for a tool like this.

The piston stop is anodized black for durability and style.