Fast Orange Hand Cleaner (1-Gallon)

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Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaner solution with fine pumice, 1-gallon container. This cleaner is a popular option for mechanics, kart racers, and really anyone that has dirty hands and needs to clean up after a job well done! In the pits, grease and grime happens. Keep your hands clean with Fast Orange!

Sold here as a 1-gallon jug with a hand pump, Fast Orange is friendly on hands after a long day at the kart track or in the garage. Biodegradable, easy on scrapes and cuts, and integrated aloe and conditioners are great features of this hand cleaner.


Fast Orange is Permatex's solution to heavy messes. Ideal for cleaning hands or skin areas after grime and grease has been buried into hands or lower arms, Fast Orange powers deep down through the grime to leave (fairly) fresh hands. Integrated abrasives help to break down hardened grease on even the toughest palms. A 'natural' citrus scent is also nice compared to some other hand cleaners, which in a hot trailer at the end of the day is a nice feature.

Fast Orange is also fortified with aloe and lanolin, which helps to prevent skin chafing and dry hands. As anyone who has worked with hand cleaners knows, this is a much needed feature in the hand cleaner industry, as most dry out hands and make skin dry over time with heavy use.

For those of us that appreciate a multi-purpose-buy, Fast Orange can also work well with clothing stains or around the house. While we aren't necessarily recommending this cleaner for that, it's nice to know that Fast Orange is biodegradable and doesn't contain harsh chemicals or ingredients like ammonia or mineral oils. If you've cut your hands while working on a kart (hey, who hasn't?!), the reduction of chance of having stinging hands upon cleaning them is another nice feature.

Each 1-Gallon jug of Fast Orange is sold separately. Towels or cleaning rags are not included.