Pedal Extenders - OTK Style (Pair)

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Go kart pedal extenders for OTK-style racing karts. Sold as a pair. These extenders help drivers reach the standard pedal for the throttle and brake, and are specifically designed to fit around pedals for Tony Kart, Kosmic, Exprit, FA, and EOS karts. Finished in a silver "gunmetal" burnished aluminum finish.


Each pedal extender features several mounting hole options, so that as the driver grows the pedal extender can be moved forward or backward. Unlike many karts, modern OTK pedals are not made of hollow, round-bar steel. Instead, they are often a light weight aluminum or magnesium for cadet or full size karts. As a result, Kart Master has had to make a purpose-built set of pedal extenders for these karts!

A wider diameter bore is the unique part of these pedal extenders. Opened up to 15.0mm, these extenders will slip over all types of OTK kart pedals while other extenders will have openings too small to work.

If you ever get rid of your OTK kart, don't worry! These pedal extenders come with a set of shims to work with round bar type pedals as well, modifying the bore diameter from 15mm to a standard 14mm.

Extender Dimensions

Getting the right fitment for your pedal extenders is crucial to make a driver comfortable. As a result, we've outlined those dimensions here:

  • Pedal face - 90.0mm wide (area where foot meets extender)
  • Can extend the pedal surface by 4 different settings: 73mm, 54mm, 35mm, and 15mm.