Outerwears Pre-Filter - 3" for Go Kart Air Filter

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Fabric Pre-Filter by Outerwears for performance go kart air filters. These pre-filters are great for keeping dust and debris out of your air filter, to prolong air filter life and performance. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, Outerwear's pre-filters are perfect for a variety of air filters and engine applications.

Technical Overview

This woven mesh pre-filter is 3" in diameter, and 3" in length. This makes this pre-filter ideal for the Briggs 206 air filter. Simply expand the elastic, slide the pre-filter over the air filter, and the Outerwears pre-filter will stay in place once moved into place.

Each pre-filter is sold separately.

Outerwears’ pre-filter is designed to keep out particles of dirt as small as .005in. The pre-filter is run dry. No oils or additives are required, thus there is no dirt sticking to the oil which could create loss of airflow and horsepower. The pre-filter mesh is treated at the mill using a proprietary process that makes the pre-filter water repellent, adding another level of protection without airflow loss.