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Universal mounts by Odenthal Racing Products. From Airbox mounting to exhaust systems for racing go karts, Odenthal has a solution for you! A variety of sizes, cradles, accessories, and more makes up the Odenthal line of universal mounts. 


The universal mounting system by Odenthal can be configured in so many different ways, it's rather unfair to have so many options at your fingertips!

For airbox support systems, Odenthal offers the UNFR and UN20 line of clamps - each fits a traditional chassis tube (say 28-32mm tubes), or smaller chassis tube areas (16-25mm), respectively. Together, these clamps cover most mounting applications for both your intake system or exhaust system for both European or American racing go karts. 

In addition, Odenthal offers complete mounting kits with cradles to hold your airbox, exhaust, or individual components to build upon an existing Odenthal clamp such as angle brackets, springs, or cradles. 

Selecting the Right Option for Your Kart

Selecting the right mounting option for your kart can be a challenge. Fortunately, our team at Point Karting has some recommendations for you!

  • First, determine what type of application you are working to solve. Are you supporting an exhaust pipe, or an airbox? Or, are you supporting something else? If you are considering supporting an intake or something other than the exhaust, consider the UNFR line of clamps to start with. Otherwise, the UN20 line of clamps is a great line of clamps to consider. 
  • Next, do you need a cradle for your exhaust, or simply a point connection? An example of a cradled item could be a ROK airbox or exhaust pipe. By contrast, an airbox or exhaust with an attachment point such as the Mini ROK airbox or a Rotax Exhaust Pipe might be something that can swing your decision on which kit to consider. 

Once you have your main application selected, inspect the potential mounting area. If the logical place to support the airbox, exhaust, or accessory is from an area of normal chassis frame tubes, look at a clamp that fits 28, 30, or 32mm frame tubes. Otherwise, you'll want a clamp style that fits a smaller diameter tubing, such as the UN20 type of clamps and supports. 

Each component or kit is sold separately. Questions? Reach out to us at Point Karting! We are happy to help you find the right support kit or clamp, every time.