Odenthal EZ-Set Motor Mount Base (Euro)

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EZ-Set Motor Mount Base Plate for Odenthal Motor Mounts. This "Euro Style" motor mount base plate fits Odenthal's line of EZ-Set motor mount top plates, clamps, and chassis fitments. 

Often, a racer may need to retrofit their Odenthal motor mount to another type of chassis. That is where the EZ-Set Base for 30-90/92 rail chassis comes in!


The base plate of Odenthal's 'EZ-Set' line of go kart motor mounts is an essential component to the engine mounting system. This mount will fit either international (I) or k-type frame rail spacing for chassis that feature 30mm frame rail tubes, common on many medium-horsepower TaG-type sprint kart chassis. 

Milled with precision by the craftsmen at Odenthal and anodized black with laser-etched Odenthal logos, this motor mount base plate is the perfect addition to your Odenthal mount system!

Selecting Your Base Plate

Each Euro-Style base plate can come with or without additional motor mount clamps and associated hardware. Depending on the motor mount components you already have, it may only require you to change the base plate. Or, you may need to change both the base plate and clamps together (more common). 

Each base plate is sold minus components by Odenthal not pictured in the product image.