Nylon Seat Mounting Spacers

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Seat spacers for go kart seats, made of nylon. These spacers are perfect for the mounting of a racing kart fiberglass seat to the front or side areas of the seat supports on the chassis. Available in multiple colors, each spacer is pre-drilled to fit standard seat bolts of M8 diameter. 

Unlike their rubber counterparts, nylon can be sanded or shaped significantly more readily, which allows for perfect contouring of the seat and bolt situation. For supporting the seat brackets the best. 

Typically, these spacers are utilized to support the front of the kart seat, but they can be used on the side of the seat if the support bars are too far away from the seat. Although, this is not recommended. 

The spacers are available in red or black color. 

Each spacer is of the dimensions: M10 (hole) x 14mm outer diameter x 27mm Height

Nylon Seat Spacer: K063N-M8 x 27 x 10mm Height