Nylon Reinforced Tie Rods

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Nylon-reinforced steering tie rod for racing go karts - utilized to connect the steering shaft to the spindle assembly on most racing kart chassis. These tie rods feature a right and left-hand set of threads, respectively, for allowing expansion or contraction of the tie rod system to adjust steering alignment. Each tie rod is light weight and durable, which helps prevent steering system bends and keeps these tie rods in contention after experiencing significant impacts. Compare this stronger unit to those made of aluminum, and it's clear to see which one is a stronger component!


The tie rod is paired with right hand and left hand tie rod ends (heims) that provide a connection between the spindle and the steering shaft. Each nylon tie rod is available in multiple lengths or configurations to get the exact right length every time for your application!

Each tie rod is available in black, with the nylon threaded elements showing on the surface area of the inter-rod area for durability and style.

Choosing the Right Tie Rod Length

Choosing the right tie rod length is crucial to ensuring that the adjustment for toe and steering alignment of your kart's steering system is accommodated properly and at the correct setting. For sizing and available sizes, see the values below:

  • 270mm: For most full-size karts, this tie-rod length will be adequate for the left-side of karts. It is also the standard length used on both left and right for OTK karts.

  • 275mm: This tie rod length is ideal for the right side (from driver's perspective) for many karts. For chassis where the steering shaft and system is not perfectly in the middle of the chassis, having a 275mm tie rod makes sense for additional width adjustments.

  • 280mm: This tie rod length is fine for most karts on the right-side of the chassis, particularly if your steering shaft / frame is noticeably off-set in the chassis.

  • Each tie rod is sold individually, with no additional hardware or components.