Noram Premier Stinger Drive Sprockets

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Noram Premier Drive Sprockets. Ideal for adjusting the gear ratio on your Noram Premier Stinger clutch to get the ideal drive ratio, powerband, and performance from your clutch.

  • Tool hardened for durability. Each sprocket comes with necessary snap rings to replace the drive sprocket on clutches that feature interchangeable drive sprockets (fits Noram Premier, Jammer, SMC, Buller clutches).
  • Available in a variety of sprocket tooth counts:
    • #35 Pitch: 12 - 20 Tooth sprockets available. Note that this drive sprocket does not come with an included needle bearing.
    • #219 Pitch: 16 - 22 Tooth sprockets available. This option does come with an in-set needle bearing.
  • Each drive sprocket sold individually.