Noram Premier Stinger Clutch Springs

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Noram Premier Stinger Clutch Springs. Ideal for adjusting the engagement of the clutch shoes against the drum, and therefore the RPM with which they engage. A great tuning tool to have on hand when at the track! 

  • Each spring has a specific number of coils and hardness to adjust engagement RPM. Perfect for fine-tuning the engagement RPM of your Noram Premier Stinger clutch and internal components. 
  • Choose from a variety of clutch spring options. For the exact engagement speed that might be ideal for you, consult the engagement RPM chart and choose a corresponding spring color!
  • Each spring sold separately. 3 springs of the same color are required to use in the clutch. 

Note: As of 06/24/2021 we have been informed that the Pink is out of production.