Noram Premier Stinger Clutch Pack Covers

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Clutch cartridge covers for Noram Premier Stinger Clutch. Ideal for supporting and mounting internal clutch springs, shoes, and hub to for proper operation of the clutch. These covers keep dirt and debris away from the clutch mechanism, and guide the shoes on an optimal perpendicular trajectory relative to the clutch drum. 

  • Stamped steel construction. Gold anodized for heat dissipation. 
  • Available in both 'front' and 'rear' cover configurations. 
    • Rear cover denoted as Item # "APSP27447" in diagram (see gallery).
    • Front cover denoted as item # "APSP27449" in diagram (see gallery).
  • Both covers sold individually. One of each cover type is required per clutch installation for proper operation of clutch.