Noram Premier Stinger Clutch Crankshaft Spacer

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Chamfered clutch crank spacer washer for the Noram Premier Stinger Clutch, AP2425. Ideal for obtaining proper lateral offset of the clutch system on a Briggs & Stratton Animal engine base (World Formula, 206). Chamfered side should be installed facing the engine.
  • Hardened steel construction. Gradual taper to one side of spacer to mate with the chamfered face on the crankshaft.
  • Shim is approximately 3/32" in width. Inner Diameter is 3/4".
  • This spacer is not pictured on the exploded diagram (see photo gallery), but if it were, it would be to the inside (relative to the engine) of the clutch assembly.
  • Each crankshaft spacer for the Stinger clutch is sold separately. Most clutch installations only require one chamfered washer.