Noram Clutch Stepped End Washer

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Stepped End Washer for Noram Magnum, Stinger, and Titan Clutches. This spacer is ideal to properly install Noram clutches onto a variety of 4-cycle racing engines with correct lateral offset. Typically, this spacer slots into the bore of the clutch, and helps distribute the stress of the main mounting bolt onto the clutch.

Component Overview

This steel, steeped spacer offsets the clutch assembly laterally on the crankshaft. For many racing engines, the lateral offset and over-hang of the clutch vs. the end of the crankshaft is vital for proper clutch performance and longevity. Note in the picture the slightly chamfered area of the bushing - this is important to have facing tapered areas on crankshafts of engines (for example, crucial on the Briggs 206).

To see where this component fits, see the the installation diagrams in the photo gallery with arrows noting where this stepped washer fits into the installation.

Each stepped washer is sold separately.

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