NEK Seat Washers

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  • Carbon Fiber Seat Washers by NEK
    • Pre-Drilled for seat harware (exception: 8mm x 40 x 62mm washer) Ultra-light yet durable design makes these washers perfect for seat mounting applications. 
    • Rough-finish side allows for mating to seat surface for extra grip and stress reduction. 
  • Washers available in (3) sizes, and packs. 
    • 8mm ID x 40mm OD (Pack of 3): Ideal for most seat or seat-strut mounting. 
    • 8mm ID x 50mm OD (Pack of 2): Ideal for larger surface area mounting, such as mounting to main seat supports on chassis or when shaving of seat washer is necessary. 
    • 8mm ID x 40 x 62mm OD (Pack of 2): "Oval" shape washer for larger support surface. Ideal for odd seating angles or doubling of seat struts.