MyChron 5 Mounting Bracket (Behind Wheel)

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Steering wheel mounted data bracket for the MyChron 5, for behind the steering wheel. This bracket positions the data logger behind the front surface of the steering wheel and is ideal for the MyChron 5 for kart racers that want a low-profile look with 4-spoke steering wheels.

Made of stamped steel and anodized gold, this mounting bracket bends downward at a 90 degree angle to adapt to the MyChron 5 in such a way that the top perspex surface of the logger sits flush with the spoke area of most 4-spoke kart wheels. These types of steering wheels are common on karts by OTK and Praga, among others.

Bracket Dimensions

The MyChron 5 bracket has several dimensions that are important to utilize and know prior to purchase:

  • The drop from the mounting plate area to where the MyChron mounts to the bracket is 32.0mm.
  • The bracket itself is 3.0mm thick throughout.
  • The adjustment slot for the MyChron is 45mm.

Each bracket does not have an angled steering hub included, so this bracket will not affect the angle of the steering wheel. The bracket is pre-drilled to fit 6-point or standard 3-point steering hubs, so this hub will fit with both OTK-style and standard steering wheels.

Each bracket is sold separately, with no additional mounting hardware.