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Custom Sticker kits for the MyChron 5 data logger. Your vision, your design, your MyChron 5! We work with you to create the design you want to make sure your MyChron 5 stands out in a crowd. These stickers are available in gel-type laminate, or a more 'traditional' vinyl sticker. 


Some racers don't want to just blend in - and they want their MyChron to show that. Add some style to your kart by customizing a sticker cover for your MyChron 5 - any colors, any design, we can make it happen!

Each sticker is custom printed and cut to your specifications, following your design inputs. Pre-cut to fit perfectly onto the front face plate of a MyChron 5, this sticker has pre-made cut-outs for the main display, logger LED lights, and warning lights. 

Available materials for the sticker include a gel-type laminate and a more traditional style sticker. Each has pro's and con's, but we can distill it down to this:

-A gel type sticker is thicker, approximately 2.0mm in thickness. It will require a little more working to get to sit flat on the MyChron, but does create a 'raised' effect that makes the sticker closer to flush with the edges of the logger buttons. For those that want an ultra-glossy and seamless look, this is the way to go! 

-The 'traditional' sticker option is naturally thinner than the gel-type, and is similar in material and feel as the sticker kit on your kart. Many racers opt for this option, as it is slightly easier to install, and is slightly less likely to interfere with the button array over time. 

The Design Process - How it Works

The design process to turn your vision into reality is pretty simple - check out the design template in our photo gallery and available below, send us some notes with your order, and we will send you an initial render from our design partners. From there, we will make changes based on your requirements to make sure you get exactly what you want for your MyChron 5! 

If you want to get a head start on this process? Shoot us an email now at: 

Each sticker is custom printed on-demand, once confirmation from the customer has been reached that they are ready to print. Shipping will be USPS flat rate envelope.