MyChron 5 Battery Charger Kit

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MyChron 5 Battery Charge Kit for your MyChron 5, MyChron 5 2T battery. This kit includes the AC/USB adapter for 110V, USB patch cable, and MyChron battery charge adapter as a complete kit.


The MyChron 5, MyChron 5 2T are very taxing on their batteries. It's important to keep your battery charged at all times to make sure you can log data all day at the track! Use this charge kit to keep your battery topped off in the trailer, at the hotel, or at home before a track day.

This charge kit comes with 3 main components:

  • Battery Charge Block (fits to battery, P/N XSMCABATM5)
  • USB / AC Power Adapter (fits to 110V Outlet, P/N X06AHB070)
  • USB Cable (fits from charge block to USB / AC adapter, P/N X90TMPC002)

Each kit comes complete, as pictured, ready to use with your MyChron 5!