MOTUL 10w30 Transoil

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Motul 10W30 Transoil by Motul Lubricants. This oil is useful for gearboxes and transmissions of high-performance racing karts, among other applications.


Within each 1 Liter bottle of Motul Transoil resides a fluid specifically engineered to meet the demands of high-performance kart gearboxes. A punishing environment, the 10W30 transoil meets the challenge for wet clutches under competition and high-load environments.

Primary constituents of the oil include Technosynthese-Ester reinforced with synthetic base stocks, formulated to avoid slippage between gears and within wet-clutch setups as well. Transoil also helps disperse particulates from the gearbox gears to keep clutch discs clean, and avoid corrosion of the internal gears and components.

Typical fill amount for a racing go kart engine with a gearbox is 600-800 ml. Consult the user manual of your particular engine for proper fill amount.